Wat Pho – Temple of the Reclining Buddha

First day in Bangkok I decided to check out a few places – Plan was to go to Wat Pho and then the golden palace and the emerald buddha temple. However, Wat Pho was just such a huge labyrinth I ended up spending more than a few hours in there and just really took the time to explore. After all one of the benefits of travelling solo is being able to change plans on the fly. Anyway I digress – this post is my journey to Wat Pho and the beauty I saw there.

So first up – how to get there from Surasak BTS??? Take the skytrain one stop down to Saphan Taksin. (I just walked it there – it is only about ten mins away) and go down exit 2. This will take you to central/sathorn pier. There is a one day ferry pass available for 150 baht but luckily for me I was informed of just getting one pass rides at 15 baht. Beware of all the shops selling the passes for 150 baht. It’s really not worth it unless you are doing more than 10 ferry rides in the day.


Anyway you can get the one ride passes on the boat itself or as you are about to enter the ferry. The boats are quite stable and are really easy to catch. The pier you need to get off at is N8 (Tien Pier) and you walk straight past the various food sellers, cross the road and voila Wat Pho! Entrance free is 100 baht and this includes a small bottle of water which you can get inside.

IMG_20150629_125734 IMG_20150629_131047

The Reclining Buddha is the largest Buddha in Thailand so its well worth your time to have a look at it.  It’s housed in an elaborate building where the walls are covered with murals. Various stories and myths are portrayed on these detailed paintings. I couldn’t really get the best photos …

IMG_20150629_125945 IMG_4116

As you exit you will see a feature waterfall and if you turn to your right there is a a mediocre door. This unassuming door leads to a small garden which houses an enormous Bodhi tree thought to have originated from the tree at which Buddha himself had sat under when achieving enlightenment. There is a small shelter within the park which has its own unique architecture.

IMG_4138IMG_4134 IMG_4128 IMG_4133 IMG_4132 IMG_4129

The reclining Buddha is the first building you will encounter though this place holds a large collection of Buddha Images.Yes there are more than this one! I had no idea – so I was up for a huge surprise as I wandered around. It is also possible to get Traditional Thai massage here. Highly recommended to treat yourself after walking around!!!

IMG_4162 IMG_4164


p.s sorry about all the random placing of photos and words. This thing is driving me crazy.


MarioBros, Famicom and Super Contra in Bangkok

I finally arrived in BKK the night before last. From Suwarnabhurmi Airport its actually alright catching public transport (if you are going close to the BTS skytrain). I was lucky because I was going to be staying with some friends who are close to Surasak BTS.

When i arrived at JAM it was 8-bit night! (https://www.facebook.com/events/905609672833369/) This happens once a month here so i was really lucky to be here for it!

8-bit Bangkok @ Jam
8-bit Bangkok @ Jam

For those of you who are as lost about video games as me 8-bit refers to the 8-bit processors within the system. This era started when the Nintendo system (Famicom) was launched and Japan took over the game scene. Namely the graphics was revolutionary for the time and it was alot more smoother than it had ever been. Anyway it was nice to relive some wonderful games.

Mario Bros!
Mario Bros!



It was also nice to be reunited with these fluffy dogs.

Wua the Calm
Wua the Calm
Tofu the moody
Tofu the moody

And so my adventure in BKK begins 🙂

Treehugging @ Cumberland State Forest (Cherrybrook)


Today was a beautiful day to wander along the trails within this nature reserve. There was one point where a plaque instructed walkers to cover their ears and close their eyes for a moment, then to uncover your ears and listen to the sounds of the forest.

This led to a heightened experience that allowed one to perceive the inexplicable heavy pauses of nature between the various sounds of birds, insects and life existing. Truly was a peaceful experience and a reminder to stop, breathe, pause and feel with your soul.




Look up
The sky is full of stars
Pick one to follow
and continue on your way.
Feel nature’s accompaniment
The subtle breeze,
The warmth of the sun,
the dogs’ barks
The twittering of birds.
See it in other’s eyes
As we push each other forward
Towards our respective star.
You may reach it
… or not …
It does not really matter
As long as you keep looking
feeling, experiencing
and continue meandering along.

 This is how I aspire to feel. I do enjoy the warmth of nature and the friendliness from strangers be it human or animal. Somehow it makes me feel connected and that we are not alone.